A Quasi-Autonomous Brain Trust!

Posted on: April 1, 2009

Today a star was born!  A star shaped somewhat like a Quasi-Independent Brain Trust (only kidding – kind of!).  That star shall henceforth be known as… Manchester: Knowledge Capital Ltd (drumroll please!!) – or M:KC to you and I.

M:KC was launched around 5 years ago, when Manchester saw the need to stride with confidence into the new knowledge economy, and capitalise on the incredible assets such as the Universities and wonderful citizens that reside within the Manchester City Region.  For those 5 years M:KC has sat, like the precious egg of an Emperor Penguin, sheltered from the arctic winds, on the big webbed feet of our larger, stronger partners.  Today, we broke through our shell and came out (maybe a little fluffy) as an independant company into the buzzing heart of Manchester. Ok, Ok. So there were WAY too many metaphors there, but hey – this is MY FIRST EVER BLOG ENTRY, and it’s 22.55pm and I’m cramming them in before bedtime.

Today was also a great day, as our CEO, Dr Cathy Garner (I’m wondering if she’ll let me call her ‘the Boss’?) landed from her trip to NYC. Wearing shades & crinkly Issey Miyake parka, looking every bit the part.  Cathy had been in New York, with others from Manchester’s Great & Good, for the launch of Manchester International Festival (MIF). Apparently, it was Fabulous- though one expects nothing less from the perfectionist Mr Poots.

Whilst in New York, the guys also visited an inspiring Fab Lab (we’ll soon get one here in Manchester!) and Cathy hosted a really fruitful business breakfast with some innovative business leaders over there, expertly organised by our Comms Manager, Jude.  Cathy & Sir Richard Leese had a VERY interesting meeting with a nice lady (whose name I forget at this late hour) at the Rockefeller Foundation. The outcome of that important meeting, and more details on the other NYC events will definately follow in later posts.

By the way, my name is Coral, and I am an Innovation Activist. No-one, including me, appears to have met one of those before, so it seems I have the opportunity to define the genre!  I’ve been at M:KC for ONE MONTH today and to a degree, I’m still working out what precisely what a successful Innovation Activist will/should acheive – but if, though this blog, my colleagues and I can bring you some news or thoughts, and stimulate some ideas and discussions… well, I hope that this can be a part of it.  And if, through this blog, you are encouraged to join us in helping Manchester reach, nay, exceed (!) it’s potential in knowledge and innovation, well, that’s certainly part of what success looks like.

I’m off to bed now, it’s been a busy day for a little penguin.

Good night.


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