Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration

Posted on: May 8, 2009

Charles Leadbeater, who we’ve been thinking with in relation to Innovation Boardroom, has prepared an essay for Cornerhouse called The Art of With, which asks ‘What do the advent of the web, collaborative practice and open source ways of working mean for the arts and art organisations?’.  It challenges the old ways of doing things ‘to’, or ‘for’ people – suggesting instead that things now are done ‘with’. In the spirit of collaboration and open source exemplified in his book ‘we think’ – Charlie has posted his essay as a wiki, this is the link: It’s a great read, and I’d highly recommend it. Innovation comes from this egalitarian approach of being open to new (sometimes challenging!) ideas, sharing our passions and working in creative collaboration with each other to drive change. Brilliant.

More interesting news from the Cornerhouse (wow! those guys are on fire!), and continuing the egalitarian theme,  M:KC hosted a breakfast with John Hyatt, co-curator of the State Legacy exhibition today, around promoting Manchester as a centre of innovation in an environmentally sustainable way.  It was all about creating sustainable and valuable collaborations that benefit: art; business; environment. The press said “This session will enable us to investigate a creative ecology for the city that will inspire communities, benefit business and improve the quality of civic life, exploring what role arts organisations …can play for business in the future.”

Is it just me, or is everyone noticing the meteoric rise of words like these in everyday conversations- ‘Ecosystem‘; ‘Collaboration‘; ‘Civic‘ and around since Rio, but taking on a whole new resonance lately…’Sustainable‘? It feels to me that people are really embracing these principles, in our mid-crash, post Obama election times. However, one word that I heard a lot in Amsterdam lately in relation to business and invention, but don’t hear so much in the UK is ‘Beauty‘. It seems that there’s a gap in our thinking/value chain there- and one I’d like to talk about more if you feel the same!


2 Responses to "Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration"

Love your observation about the rise of new words. I had certainly noticed “sustainable/sustainability” shooting up there. But “beauty” as it relates to business and invention that is SO cool. I will look out for it. I love the thought of it. Thanks for piquing both my curiousity and my awareness!

“sustainability” is widely used within business plans, especially if one is seeking venture capital funding, e.g. “sustainable competitive advantage” which imply that simply having an advantage over your competition is not sufficient, and what matters is the sustainability of that advantage as the conditions change.

of course, I have been beating about “ecosystem” for a whilst regards to

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