Innovation for free? Chris Anderson’s new book raises some questions

Posted on: July 15, 2009

Chris Anderson has courted controversy in the past with his book the Long Tail.

His theory was that as technology increases choice,the providers of goods and services should target niches rather than the old fashioned methods of mainstream fare.

Now he has a new book out  called The Future of the Radical Price which according to Stefan Lindegaard may well have implications for innovation.

Stefan explains that

One of the strategies Anderson discusses in the book is the Freemium business-model. This works by offering basic services for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features.

This raises some questions about how innovation leaders can gain inspiration and Stefan raises some questions

1.How can you incorporate the free business models into your offerings?

2.What if you brought in external partners that could provide a free element to your offerings?

3.What if you could contribute with a free element to the offerings of others?

4.What if you could work with partners to co-create a new offering which includes elements of the free business model?

5.What if your business model gets attacked by competitors using free business models?


1 Response to "Innovation for free? Chris Anderson’s new book raises some questions"

Hi Nigel,

Thanks for helping spred the word on this!

Let me know if you see opportunties for doing something together on open innovation or intrapreneurship in Manchester.


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