Creativity, Dance, Fear and Education at #TEDxlp

Posted on: August 7, 2009

First up, at the first at the first ever TEDx North event, is a film of Sir Ken Robinson speaking with great humour on creativity in education. How on earth can we educate for an entirely unpredictable future?

SKR believes that creativity is now as important as literacy. Schools educate children OUT of creativity. Why doesn’t dance have the same importance as maths in the curriculum? Why don’t all children dance every day? Schools train children as though they will all become Professors -they won’t! (Professor Ken believes this is a GOOD thing, btw – not least because professors cant dance)

A naturally funny and charming guy – I must read his book ‘The Element’ on how people discovered their creativity. An incredibly important anecdote about choreographer Gillian Lynne.

SKR says that we are all interested in education (especially our own) But if you are a teacher, a school governor,  an education policy maker, please watch his TED Talk, maybe all our futures will be better for it?

TEDx North comes to Manchester on 2nd October 2009 – to get your free (yes, FREE!) ticket click here, but be quick, because they’ll soon be gone.

The event is being put together by BBC Backstage with Codeworks and FutureEverything, so if you do miss out on the ticket’s why not present your own ideas at the event?  Get in touch with Ian Forrester AKA @cubicgarden to spread your own ideas on TED – Technology, Entertainment & Design


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