On a watershed of creativity for Manchester and Media City

Posted on: September 22, 2009

Napoleon had a saying that morale is to the physical as three is to one.

What he meant was that an army will win for its creativity and innovation and not on their strength.

For Alex Connock, chief executive of Ten Alps talking at today’s Insider Business Media summit at the Lowry,this is the lesson for Media City.

Overlooking the building work at the complex, Connock said that the physical part has been done,the bricks and mortar have been laid.Now the project stands on a watershed.The creativity needs to come to the fore.

He gave the example of Hollywood,which started its life as a ranch with real cowboys being the actors.It didn’t take a building to initiate the creativity,the studios came after.

Paul Newman head of communications at Media City gave a tour of the complex from the vantage point of the balcony of the Compass Room before Michael Nulty editor in chief of New Media Age gave the assembled audience a synopsis of the challenges to the sector.

Despite the gloom of last year,he found that the digital sector was very optimistic and had  come out of the best year that many seen

A year on, what had actually happened was that it was impossible to predict a trend because the business had become so granular.

Whilst online display had according to Nulty “taken a hammering” there had been an acceleration to new cutting edge approaches.

The paradox of this recession is that risk taking is becoming the norm.The digital sector has realised that to carry the audience it must take risk and a strategy of safety was no longer perversely a safe strategy.

The digital sector, he continued, are starting to look not only at marketing but also setting the agenda through strategy.Digital businesses are by their very nature agile but to stay ahead of the game they did to be collaborative.


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