What do you think is the definition of innovation?

Posted on: October 13, 2009

Over the next couple of weeks we shall be looking at what innovation should mean to the Manchester community and looking at the different types of innovation.

Here is one definition:

Innovation is not invention but the process of making both radical and incremental improvements by introducing something new. Innovation is vague as they happen very often without us realizing them and comes in various forms like products, processes and services. The often unspoken goal of innovation is to solve or improve a problem.

Do you agree?

Join in the conversation and let us know what you think innovation should be about


1 Response to "What do you think is the definition of innovation?"

Agree with this definition but wonder whether we could attempt to refine and make more specific to the Manchester business community?

I’ll try…here goes:

First things first, I think innovation requires a degree of humility. A willingness to admit that we don’t have all the answers or that our services or products could be improved. A willingness to ask for help and ask questions. This can be tricky especially when pride or an unwillingness to ‘rock the boat’ gets in the way. (Culture Change No.1).

In Manchester, we are fortunate enough to have some of the finest educational e.g. Universities, and other knowledge centres of excellence in the UK. We also have a cluster of promising emerging businesses e.g. in the digital, technology and creative media sector. But so do many other regions (and countries) – so who wins?

Answer: In short, those regions that think and act like innovators.

This requires significant changes in culture and practice. For example, those regions that manage to get their Unis, Science Parks etc to collaborate proactively with businesses to help devise new products and services. A local business culture that encourages partnerships, JVs and other networked business projects to create completely new offerings. A supportive, responsive and adaptable business professional support network that provides fresh insights and free flow of ideas based on experiences working with other forward thinking organisations. Businesses that are plugged into conversations with their customers identifying needs, problems, suggestions etc to further refine products and services. Those that think BIG (this includes globally) and long term.

This is my starter (merely scratches the surface)….

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