How mobile may one day prevent that visit to the Doctor’s surgery

Posted on: November 10, 2009

The future of the web is mobile.The rush to produce apps that translate content and information to the hand-held device is on.

Yesterday’s announcement that Google had agreed to acquire AdMob, the fast-growing mobile advertising start-up,show that the innovative company has realised once again where the future is.

It now seems that the latest use for the mobile may well be as a replacement for the Doctor’s surgery.With signs on every surgery door instructing not to enter on pain of death if you display any flu like symptoms,the Telegraph reports on a new initiative.

Software being developed by American and Australian scientists will hopefully allow patients simply to cough into their phone, and it will tell them whether they have cold, flu, pneumonia or other respiratory diseases.

Apparently the science behind it is the wetness of the cough.

Whether a cough is dry or wet, or “productive” or “non-productive” (referring to the presence of mucus on the lungs), can give a doctor information about what is causing that cough, for example whether it is caused by a bacterial or a viral infection.


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