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Today the Soccerex European Forum opened in Manchester, and the first session was Sport: A Total Entertainment Industry.

John Skipper, Executive Vice President, ESPN is in confident mood arguing that the secret of sport is it’s unknown quantity- it’s the ultimate reality series on TV.

Brian Barwick, however warns that sport shouldn’t be complacent, as live celebrity shows like Dancing on Ice, are broadcast live and provide similar interest at less cost.

All agree that the future of sport is reliant on live attendance, but Philip Beard, of  AEG Europe suggests that sports marketeers need to find innovative ways to get new audiences into the stadium eg: ground sharing, half time penalty shoot outs from schools or showcasing different different sports.

Which sports clubs do you think give you the best live experience?  Do you get involved at the match? Online? or in front of the TV?

Let us have your views on the future of sports entertainment! 


The Panel for this event comprised:

• Casey Wasserman, Chairman & CEO, Wasserman Media Group

• John Skipper, Executive Vice President, ESPN

• Brian Barwick, Barwick Media & Sport

• Philip Beard, Non-Executive Director, AEG Europe

• Jeff Mallett, Principal Owner of San Francisco Giants & Former President of Yahoo

• Kevin Roberts, Editorial Director, Soccerex Business (moderator)


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Through Innovation Manchester last year, we brought together cross-sectoral groups to identify opportunities for innovation growth in different business areas, one of which was sport.

Sport is a key sector in its own right, but also one which is closely inter-related with other economic sectors, including fashion, clothing, textiles, science, medicine, construction, financial and professional – the list goes on! Of course sport also has significant strategic importance for MCR in terms of brand and cultural offer.

Manchester has been hugely successful in attracting high quality world events, the city hosts the World Academy of Sport, and our universities excel in Sport Sciences. With these incredible sporting assets, it is hardly surprising that Manchester is an incredible sporting brand with a great international reputation.

In addition to all this,  BBC Sport will move to Media City in 2011, providing great supply chain opportunities for businesses who link media and digital technologies with sport. So we must have a great ecosystem of small businesses supporting the ‘Business of Sport’, right? Well I’m not so sure…

M:KC are in the process of researching just what assets and activities  make up this sporting infrastructure, and sports related media seems to be one area where we might be punching below our weight. I attended the Sport & Technology conference in London a couple of weeks ago, and despite an international audience, Mancunians were few & far between.

I’d love to get your input. Is there a mass of Sport / tech business activity out there that we haven’t come across yet? How can we support those sporting assets that we have, to provide more and better opportunities for all local business, but not least those in technology, digital and media?  NWDA will raising some of the wider sport supply chain questions at an upcoming NW Business Insider event in September

What I’d really like to discuss, is how can we make better connections between our Sport, research and business community to pick up the pace of innovation, change and growth in MCR? World wide innovation in sport and technology continues apace , but how can we maximise that benefit here in Manchester?

Innovation Manchester

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